Katrina Rainsford for Southern Grampians Shire Councillor

My vision is a proactive hardworking council team, transparent, responsive, caring for our community and country, planning for growth for the whole Shire.


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  • Letter to Editor as a Candidate Southern Grampians Shire Council

    Oct 7, 2020

    I would like to thank the residents and ratepayers for their continued support for me as one of your seven Councillors.

    I am excited about the potential of the candidates standing in 2020. Diversity, ability with fresh ideas and attitude.

    When you vote for change, like I will be doing, I hope you also include a representative with experience and commitment to supporting a new council.  Local Government done differently, more effectively.

  • Letter to the Editor - Listening to Community

    Jul 29, 2020

    Last night I attended a Hamilton Showgrounds user group forum. The task was to provide a way forward for the Hamilton Showgrounds Masterplan which has stalled two years in. I declared my conflicting interest as being a member of the current P & A Executive alongside being a shire Councilor. This was a discussion forum not a funding or decision making forum.


  • Letter to the Editor - Vote was about CONTROL not just FUNDRAISING

    May 20, 2020

    Vote was about CONTROL not just FUNDRAISING

    Scandalous. For some SGS Councillors to portray that the New Hamilton Gallery Board decision was just about fundraising, this was extremely misleading. The Foundation model previously approved by SGS Council WAS just about fundraising. THIS motion was about creating a Board then to be called Hamilton Gallery Inc "with a clear purpose of raising funds as well as operate the New Hamilton Gallery once built."

  • Letter to the Editor - Local government done differently

    Dec 12, 2019

    Your December Southern Grampians Council meeting provided action at last on RV dump sites to encourage tourist visitation to our Shire. We also approved letting contracts for an irrigation system for Pedrina Park and replacing the worn court 2 & 3 floors at HILAC.

    However, I believe we missed an opportunity to upgrade our processes of managing our important community facilities by including council delegates for major facilities. Improving how Councillors are kept informed on major council facilities like Pedrina Park, the Hamilton Showgrounds, and our Botanic Gardens.

  • Letter to the Editor - Putting the Record Straight

    Aug 22, 2019

    I think the best way to summarise the outcome of the 2017 application for support for Southern Grampians Shire Council for a Pedrina Park Hockey Clubroom has been less than ideal.

    The process has been tough on everyone. Stressful and a lot of pain without much gain from what I can see at this stage. I have never experienced a community project being handled in this way before.

  • Letter to the Editor - It Could Have Been Better

    May 8, 2019
    Council received a deputation from Coleraine seeking action on preventing the over trimming of Whyte St trees by Powercor contractors. Making the affected area a Declared Zone with Southern Grampians Shire council in charge of and funding the pruning was one immediate action, but the main ask was for Council to place the power lines underground.
    I look forward to seeing a current costing of both options for consideration in the next budget and if any other Southern Grampians communities want similar steps taken. 



My Vision for Southern Grampians


What Ratepayers Want - Katrina on 3HA MIXX FM

Katrina on 3HA MIXX FM



Successes I’ve driven include the:

  • Retaining and upgrading Saleyards
  • Passenger Rail Planning
  • CBD Investment Coles/Hub/Cox Street redevelopments
  • GRHA's synthetic field
  • Tennis synthetic courts

I've supported the:

  • Dunkeld Community Centre
  • Grampians Peaks Trail
  • Adventure Playground
  • Hamilton & Penshurst Botanic Gardens
  • Points Arboretum
  • Felix Museum Project, Public Art
  • Getting Freight onto Rail
  • Saving Hughan Park Olympic Pool
  • HILAC development


VOTE 1 Katrina Rainsford 


42 years a country vet, actively farming sheep and cattle near Cavendish and south of Branxholme with husband auto electrician Brian Ball, we have three engineer sons and one daughter at University. “19 years a councillor (3 for Wimmera, 16 for Southern Grampians), I have the experience and energy to get things done for Southern Grampians and make Hamilton Greater.”